I’ve been too long, I’m glad to be back

 I owe my apologies for not writing frequently this past week. I’ve been out of town. I went to Denver with my best friend to visit her sister.

Overall, the trip was fun. The was a bit of drama but I guess when you have three young women, too much alcohol and too little sleep things are bound to happen.

I expected a trip filled with lots and lots of boys (and kissing….). However, that was not to be the case. But let me tell you, Denver has many incredibly attractive men. Makes me kind of sad to be back to my city. I have a very specific physical type I go for and there’s many more men who fit the bill in Denver for me. A little eyecandy makes every day more enjoyable I say!

The first night I was there was very fun. We went to a place that makes margaritas with Everclear so needless to say, when we left that restaurant we were deliciously drunk. We headed over to this bar where a live band was playing Jimi Hendrix – they were really great. I couldn’t help but show my appreciation for the music by dancing seductively. The lead singer was obviously checking me out but then when they ended their set I ended up getting “married” to his brother.

It was so fun. My best friend even drew matching wedding bands with a sharpie on our fingers. Of course, we then had to kiss! Later, my friends and I went back to his apartment but I must say that this marriage was never consummated. I think it’s really for the best. While I was more attracted to him than I would like to admit I was not wanting to have sex or even go further than making out. I truly love making out for the sake of it. It’s not just an appetizer to me – it can be the full meal and I will still feel completely satisfied.

I guess I differ from a lot of people, especially men, on that one. Thoughts?

Of course, vacations are great for “everything but” and casual sex without feeling it necessary to pursue more…..I guess, I just really wasn’t it that mindset on this vacay. Besides – I was sharing a bed with two other ladies!

AC/DC – “Back in Black”


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