I am heaven sent, don’t you dare forget.

I spoke with Trainer last night. We made tentative plans for this weekend probably for Sunday. He seems to avoid commitment on so many levels he can’t even make real plans. I don’t feel frustrated because I don’t really like him. In fact, I wonder why I feel curious to hang out with him. Maybe for a story to tell? Maybe because he is attractive enough and funny enough for now?

I think he likes himself enough for the both of us.

He thinks I am so attracted to him, it’s very funny. He compliments himself many more times than I possibly ever could or want to. He even claims to be hotter than OGF (they look similar). I had to hold back laughter at this comment. He’s definitely attractive to me but in a take or leave it kind of way. I find him attractive but I am not lusting for him.

All the while, he calls me a “7” saying he doesn’t want to build up my ego. So it definitely sounds like┬áhe has issues.

He emphasized his desire to have sex with me numerous times in our lengthy phone conversation (we spoke for over an hour). He says he would like to start as friends but if two people have good sex together then that’s when they start dating more. I don’t know whether I should take this as harmless flirting or that he’s being far too presumptuous.

Truth be told: I’m quite suspicious of him. This is unsettling for me because I’m usually a very trusting person. He is not to be trusted I know though. Something tells me this. Perhaps it’s his overly large ego. Someone who thinks so highly of themselves cannot possibly be a caring loving partner. And I feel he really is just in it for the nookie as Limp Bizkit so eloquently put it.

Or maybe, just maybe, I feel incredibly uncomfortable dealing with someone who possesses equal flirting capabilities.

Brand New – “Ok, I believe you, but my Tommy gun won’t”


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