And I said, did you know I miss you?

I heard from my First Love last night. Well, over text messages. Which has to be the absolute worst way to have a serious conversation.

He asked me if I have missed him since we last hung out. I angrily asked why would I miss him. And that missing him would be pointless.

He then said he has missed me.

I felt myself brimming with anger. How dare he? He must be fucking with my head. He can’t really be missing me. He just doesn’t want to be lonely. And I hate him for trying to manipulate me.

I told him we shouldn’t be having such feelings for each other.

Then, as proof to why I’m no longer with him and can never be with him again, he laughed at me and demanded if I’ve just been speaking to my therapist.

As if I cannot realize, on my own, that he is no good for me. And at the same time, acknowledging that he knows he is no good for me.

I stopped speaking to him for the time being.

I don’t see what else I could’ve said. I don’t want to give him the satisfaction of thinking that I want him again. Because, I truly don’t. I just didn’t want to be lonely before.

As a side note, the song I’ve quoted for this entry, was actually “our” song when we were young and in love.

Something Corporate – “Konstantine”


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